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This course is designed to provide users of the PECOS eProcurement tool will all the skills and knowledge required to use the system effectively.
Note: This course is guided by audio. If you do not have audo on your PC, closed captions are available by clicking the CC button on the playbar in each module.

× Some users have reported difficulties in hearing the audio despite having a sound card on their computer. Please note that older versions of Internet Explorer may experiences problems running this content. If you experience problems, try connecting via a different browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Target audience
Colleagues who raise orders for goods and services on behalf of their department and the Trust

Basic knowledge of computers and internet sites


Enrollment Term
278 Years

Average Learning Time
2 Hours



Getting Started

This eLearning module provides users of the PECOS system with instructions on using the eLearning packages and provides a basic understanding of PPS, PECOS and navigating around the system.
15 minutes Not Started

Catalogue requisitions

This module provides a comprehensive guide to searching for products and building requisitions from the electronic catalogue. You also learn how to add comments, attachments and enter financial tracking codes.
30 minutes Not Started

Advanced requisition features

This module focuses on some of the more advanced features of the requisitioning process. You will learn how to change your delivery address, how to request a specific delivery date, how we can split an order across multiple financial codes and how to buy on behalf of a colleague.
10 minutes Not Started

Requesting products or services not in catalogue

In this module you will learn how to request services or new products that don't appear in the catalogue.
20 minutes Not Started


Learn when and how to use eForms with your requisition
5 minutes Not Started

Saved shopping carts

Find out how to save your shopping cart for later use
2 minutes Not Started


Learn how to raise an order in as little as 3 clicks! The Templates module will explore how to create, edit and order from templates. You'll also learn how to share your templates with colleagues.
10 minutes Not Started

Checking requisition status

In this module we explore how to check the status of your requisition and order, reviewing history and identifying who you need to contact
10 minutes Not Started

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