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PECOS & PPS guidance documents

Below you will find a series of quick guide and full user guides for the PECOS system, the new eProcurement system being rolled out across member Trusts.  Click on the document title to download.  You can also access the eLearning modules here.  Additionally, help is available within the system itself, by clicking the question mark button on the top right of the PECOS page.

Quick Guides

Our quick guides are intended to provide a one-page reference of common functions within the system.  These guides are really useful, either to get you started using the system for the first time, or to act as a regular reminder of the common steps.
Document Version Last Updated 
PECOS quick reference guide v2 20/11/2017
Raising a requisition v2 20/11/2017
Ordering from a template v2 20/11/2017 
Changing a purchase order v2 20/11/2017
Approving a requisition v2 20/11/2017 
Receipting v2 20/11/2017
Returning an item v2 20/11/2017
How to Amend External Delivery Address on a Requisition v2 06/06/2018
PECOS Non-Catalogue Guide v1.5 06/08/2020
PPS Helpdesk Quick Guide v1.0 25/10/2018
Approval Delegation Quick Guide v1.0 11/03/2020
Completing an eForm Quick Guide v1.0 07/03/2023
Approving an eForm Quick Guide v1.0 07/03/2023


PPS Procurement Guide

 Document Version Last Updated

PPS Procurement Guide

March 2021


Inventory Policy May 2024 03/05/2024


Business Continuity Plan

Document Version Last Updated
Business Continuity Plan - ALL TRUSTS - PECOS Downtime v4.0.pdf February 2022 01/02/2022

Procurement Strategy

Document Version Last Updated
PPS Policy v4.0_September 2022.pdf September 2022 23/09/2022

Upgrade release notes

Our release notes summarise the key new features and enhancements made in the specified release.
Document Version Last Updated 
PECOS upgrade release notes v15.2 v15.2 30/08/2018


NHS Terms & Conditions

Please find the current NHS Terms & Conditions for the procurement of non-clinical goods and services via this link: 

NHS England » NHS terms and conditions for the procurement of non-clinical goods and services

Online user guide

You can review the online user guide from within PECOS by clicking on the question mark on the top right of any page.  Alternatively, you can access it directly here.


eLearning modules

You can also revisit any of the eLearning modules for PECOS here.


PPS Training Packs


Trust Standing Financial Instructions


Waiver Forms


New Product Request Forms


New Supplier Process


PECOS User Form (new users and amendments)

Brexit Questionnaire

Other Trust Documents

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