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Trust Scheme of Delegation Limits List of financial limits at each member

Each member Trust has set its own rules within PECOS for financial approval limits.  The Scheme of Delegation wizard will provide details on who can approve for individual cost centres at which financial limit.  The below table shows the financial values at each approval level.  PECOS will automatically route to the correct approver based on the value of the requisition.

Member Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 
Moorfields Eye Hospital £0k to £5k £5k to £10k £10k to £25k £25k to £60k £60k to £75k £75k to £200k £200k to £500k  >£500k 
North Middlesex University Hospital £0k to £3k £3k to £10k £10k to £20k £20k to £50k £50k to £1m  > £1m N/A N/A
Royal Free London N\A £0k to £5k £5k to £10k £10k to £30k £30k to £50k £50k to £500k  > £500k  N/A
Whittington Health £0k to £5k £5k to £10k £10k to £20k  £20k to £100k £100k to £1m £1m to £1.5m  > £1.5m   N/A

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