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Welcome to the PPS Procurement Portal

The collaborative portal for members and suppliers of Partners Procurement Service (PPS)

New version of PECOS!

PECOS has now been upgraded to a new version.
Largely the layout is the same with some tweaks.
The system will operate in the same way, as the new functionality included in the upgrade is to admin options.
We will be looking to update the online training so that it is on the new version of PECOS, but that will be post roll-out.
There are two key differences that might cause confusion:
• The home button is gone so you need to click on the Trust icon to return to the landing page.
• You can no longer start a non-cat order by clicking the basket icon; you have to click the basket tab now.

If you experience any technical issues or get stuck because something has changed, please reach out to our helpdesk team for support.

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